Brunette Femdom MissAlexya mindfucks submissive boys

Brunette Femdom MissAlexya mindfucks submissive boys

More than being a spectacular pro Domme and vast BDSM lifestyle connoisseur, Mistress Alexya is a natural Dominant and playful fetishist. Any slave who has the honor of serving Her always comes back for more, agreeing She’s the whole package and then some.
Her giant collection of luxury nylons and designer heels – hello Louboutin lovers – are any foot fetishist’s paradise. Armed with perfect feet and the hottest pair of legs, She’ll make you edge like no other.

Financial Domination is Her lifestyle and as such, Mistress Alexya is one greedy, spoiled FinDomme with a taste for luxury and the finest things in life. Contribute to Her happiness and pleasure Her with your wallet, your inadequate birth defect of a dicklet will greatly serve your cause because this Goddess loves to laugh and have fun in Her small penis humiliation (SPH) sessions.

Ass worship tease&denial

And because fetishes are most enjoyable when mixed, don’t forget your girly panties, Mistress loves training sissy sluts of all kinds and levels, from sensual Domination to extreme strap-on training.

Enter MissAlexya’s live Femdom room and worship pure perfection!

HellsGoddess will manipulate your body and play with your mind

HellsGoddess will manipulate your body and play with your mind

HellsGoddess is the sensual, sophisticated Dominatrix that you have longed to submit to. Whose heel you have dreamed to be trampled by. Whose power can make any man eager to give up control.

Her mysterious and commanding dark eyes and ruby red lips will seduce you with their exotic beauty.

The Goddess will show you that the world of BDSM is a continuous exploration for the experienced slaves, and need not be intimidating for the novice.


With Her impressive collection of nylons, fetish outfits, strap-on, whips, handcuffs and many kinky toys, HellsGoddess is a must-see, must-worship presence.

Mistress enjoys CBT, humiliation, feminization, sissy training, slave training, tease and denial, body worship, blackmail, financial domination, chastity, role play, and you in Her Femdom Chatroom pouring cash at Her feet right NOW!

MissBigGirl’s silky feet are all you can think about, her nylon legs and sexy soles will be your doom

MissBigGirl’s silky feet are all you can think about, her nylon legs and sexy soles will be your doom

Miss Mia is the definition of femininity. Gorgeous, very tall, arrogant, intelligent, capricious, greedy, sarcastic, manipulative, poisoning.

Her Femdom style is Sensual and Magnetic. Being such a Superior Female, She does not need to yell at you to get what She wants – She takes control so easily, and before you even know it, you’ll be crumbled and ruined under Her nylon clad legs and expensive high heels. Bow down and worship Her perfectly overwhelming, addictive natural Power.

This World Is created for Me and I get everything and anything I want. Always. No exception.

Miss Mia’s Femdom chatroom is open for submissives with intellect and desire to serve, please, spoil and pamper a true Femdom Goddess.

She takes great pleasure in online Financial Domination sessions, and feels particularly entertained when Her moneyslaves serve Her with their minds and wallets wide open, ready to be drained into bankruptcy and turned into helpless, horny paypigs, vulnerable and exposed, used for Her personal gain and amusement.

Foot Fetish lovers are in for a jaw dropping, ballbusting treat.

Bare or wrapped into a pair of fine nylons these feet are addictive from the first glimpse, giving you a hard on that just won’t quit. You cannot resist staring nor do you even want to. You’re so weak and so desperately horny.

Admit it, weak boy, you just can’t stay away… These silky feet are all you can think about, the scent, the pale gorgeous skin, the hypnotic shoe dangle and sheer poison of the nylon pressed against your face… Admit it. You just can’t stop thinking of my perfect silky soles stroking your cock…


MissBigGirl’s Fetish and BDSM interests for live Femdom webcam sessions include:

Financial Domination, Female Domination, Tease and Denial, CBT, SPH, JOI, CEI, Forced Intoxication Games, Foot Fetish, Nylon Worship, Pantyhose Femdom, Legs and Ass Worship, Sissy slut training, Femdom Hypnosis

Do you think you are slave (and man) enough to serve your Goddess?


CamContacts: missbiggirl

Asian Goddess Resha puts the F in Findom! Drain your wallet and your balls at Her feet

Asian Goddess Resha puts the F in Findom! Drain your wallet and your balls at Her feet

CyzFnHUUsAA3Ibb.jpg large

Miss Resha loves Money, Money and oh… MONEY! She also loves more money from tiny dicklet boys every day!

The hottest attribute of any male pig, is MONEY. Miss Resha is an absolute beauty, Her hotness unmatched, therefore your MONEY is Her money. The contents of your paypig wallet is Her greatest accessory, and matches Her flawlessly, so just click and pay!

Amazing Asian Goddess Resha enjoys collecting wankers and promises to fuck you up beyond repair, gladly charge your penis and keep your dirty secret of being Her Bimbo, Faggot, Sissy, Cum Eating Loser, Junky Wanker and PayPig who SHOULD poop money for Her.

Pay your LOSER TAX every day! Pay your TINY DICKLET TAX every day! Pay to STARE and STROKE your pathetic excuse of a penis at Her Femdom Feet every day!

MissResha‘s impressive collection of high heels, stockings and pantyhose, lingerie and sexy outfits is simply out of this world, a must worship for any slave of true beauty and style.

You will repeat The Loser Cycle every time you see The Goddess Online! Pay right away!

GoddessFreyja’s beauty, intelligence and strength are the very embodiment of perfection

GoddessFreyja’s beauty, intelligence and strength are the very embodiment of perfection

Goddess Freyja is an extremely Sexy, Seductive, Strict and Demanding Mistress. The Goddess of your dreams specializes in all kinds of Domination and Discipline, and loves Heels and Boots Fetish as much as you do! Her weapons of choice when training online slaves? Long nails, Leather, PVC, a very big collection of Corsets, Stockings and Pantyhose, and so much more!

GoddessFreyja leather fetish

Goddess Freyja is a very skilled Financial Dominatrix and ruthless Money Mistress. Wallet raping, money slavery, human ATM’s, paypigs with big wads of cash, these are only a few of the things Her glamorous lifestyle revolves around, and Her  Live Femdom Chatroom is packed with Financial Domination action!

She’s also incredibly sensual and creative when it comes to Smoking fetish, Chastity, Strap-on Worship, Submissive Role Plays, Tease and Denial, CBT, SPH, Forced Intoxication Games, Breath Play, Slave Training, Sissyfication, Ignore Fetish, Humiliation, Degradation and more.

Dramatic in presence, I demand your complete attention. I take pride in my Art, leading your mind through a maze of choices all leading to dead ends. There is no escape when I hold the key!

Check out  GoddessFreyja’s Profile and join Her Live right now!


Financial Mistress DominantMiss is here to Tease and Deny you for an amazing DRAINING experience

Financial Mistress DominantMiss is here to Tease and Deny you for an amazing DRAINING experience

Miss Ann is a true Femdom maven, an epitome of pure beauty luxury and style, with a passion for everything classy, especially high heels and nylons, which she has a serious fetish for.

Her Domination style is quite rare, because of Her manners and exceptional communication skills, along with a deep psychological understanding of the submissive mind.


“Throughout time I have learned that Femdom goes hand in hand with style and beauty, as you can bring a slave beyond the submissive state, slaves come so close to addiction, to the point they feel they can’t live without a Femdom Mistress such as Myself.”

Miss Ann’s Femdom chat is strict and assertive. Her glamorous Sensual Domination cam shows are not about raising Her sexy Goddess voice, nor about acting harsh, but rest assured you’ll be wrapped around Her flawlessly manicured finger, doing your best to please your Nylon Mistress in any way She demands of you.

Don’t let Her calm and seductive, flirtatious demeanor fool you – Miss Ann likes to punish Her subjects just as much as She loves rewarding them for good behavior.

“Punishment can mean I will give you the silent treatment, or I will deprive you of sexual release or something that I know you really enjoy. But there will also be rewards for good behavior: some of My slaves love being caressed everywhere with My nylon feet, others enjoy sucking on My high heels or just worshiping My panties.”

Tease and Denial experiences that will make your mind melt and your body explode in ways you never even knew existed. Her unique way of teasing you until it hurts will leave you breathless and weak in the knees, and if you have a weakness for live webcam Mistresses and fetish models with long seductive legs that won’t quit (who doesn’t?!), serving under Her strict guidance will fly you straight into subbie heaven.


What to expect from Miss Ann’s Live Domination shows?

Bondage & Discipline, Leather, Latex, Rubber & PVC, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Sadomasochism (S&M), Smoking Fetish, Chastity devices, Cuckolding, Cock and ball torture (CBT), Cross-dressing, Feminization, Fur Fetish, Glasses Fetish, Gloves, Handcuffs, Heels, Humiliation, Nylons, Orgasm Denial, Panty worship

Become seduced and trapped into Miss Ann’s Live Fetish and BDSM Chatroom right now! you know you can’t resist no matter how hard you try, and you could never deny yourself the pleasure, anyway!

You are a pathetic paypig human ATM for greedy Goddess Elena and that is Heaven

You are a pathetic paypig human ATM for greedy Goddess Elena and that is Heaven

IcommandUobey (18)IcommandUobey describes Herself as confident and assertive, with a genuine, long standing interest in Femdom, Female Supremacy and many fetishes. She loves making you boys weak for Her.

She is destined to be served. And you, little worm, you exist only to satisfy your Goddess and impress Her with your humble existence.



The only thing you care about is serving and worshiping ME!

Financial Domination is Her lifestyle – Pay Pigs, Human ATM, Cash Sluts, Wallet Rape extravaganza… you tremble at the thought of giving Her all of your MONEY, but in the game of giving and receiving, being blessed with the honor or gazing upon the Goddess’s perfection is worth your entire savings account, and your wife’s entire paycheck!

To crawl under Her expensive designer heels is such an uplifting experience. To lick and polish the shiny leather with your pathetic slave tongue is hypnotic and mesmerizing, leaving you brainwashed, mindfucked and craving more.

To sniff Her amazing feet, to massage and pamper Her soft, sexy soles, to worship and suck on Her delicious toes, that is true foot slave heaven.

The only place where you truly belong is at Her feet, loser! She deserves everything, and you deserve absolutely nothing.

Mistress’s Femdom and Fetish interests include Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Nails, Toys, Piercings & tattoos, Slaves, Strap-on, Domination, Fishnets, Glasses, Gloves, Heels, Humiliation, Lipstick, Teasing, Whips and more!

Get on your knees and visit IcommandUobey‘s Femdom Queendom, and remember, paypuppets: the only rules this spoiled Femdomme follows in Her Live Domination Chatroom are Her own!

Greedy MarvelousCutie is the mean Princess of your submissive fantasies

Greedy MarvelousCutie is the mean Princess of your submissive fantasies

MarvelousCutie is the definition of Angelic appearance vs. Devilish mind. Don’t let Her innocent looks fool you!

marvelouscutie (8)
You can cum but you have to eat it all up CEI

This Femdom Princess loves to chat, flirt and laugh, while draining your wallet with a sweet smile on Her face. In one word? Irresistible!

Rudeness and insubordination will not be tolerated in MarvelousCutie’s Fetish sex chatroom. Be a gentleman and you’ll succeed! Small talk never hurt anyone, introduce yourself properly, like all well behaved slaves should.

marvelouscutie (7)
Mistress dominates sissy sluts with Her sexy bare feet out

I hate stupid questions and wasting My time in text-chat. Don’t try so hard to show me how pathetic you are, I already know it, haha!

marvelouscutie (6)
JOI fishnet jerk off instructions

If you turn your cam on from the very beginning of our live webcam show, the most I expect to see is your friendly smile 🙂 Thank you!

marvelouscutie (9)
Hot secretary roleplay games

I love to tease, seduce and really enjoy Roleplays (got sexy outfits for them + lots of exquisite heels, stockings and pantyhose). I’m also into T&D, SPH, JOI, SISSIES, CEI, CUCKOLDS and MONEY SLAVES. We will always find out what to do together!

marvelouscutie (10)
Face sitting Ass worship Humiliation

Her fetishes include: BDSM, Face Riding, Foot Fetish, Outfits, Tattoos, Domination, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Nails, Outfits, Role playing, Sadomasochism (S&M), Slaves, Spanking, Strip-tease, Chastity devices, Cross-dressing, Denim, Domination, Feminization, Fingernails, Fishnets, Fur, Gloves, Hands, Heels, Humiliation, Humor, Lace, Lipstick, Make up, Mistress/slave, Nylons, Orgasm Denial, Panties, PVC, Satin / Silk, Socks, Teasing, Tickling, Wet & Messy games.

Visit MarvelousCutie’s live chatroom and serve Princess any way She sees fit!

Sirenna4fun seduces paypigs into spending submission, give in to your desires

Sirenna4fun seduces paypigs into spending submission, give in to your desires

sirenna4fun_16Fabulous Goddess SIRENNA4FUN urges all sissy sluts, faggots and losers to enter Her Femdom temple. A true Female Supremacist and incredibly creative, highly intelligent Dominatrix who’s perfect in every way, deserves only the highest, purest kind of dedication and submission. If you are (submissive) man enough to try impress Her, be prepared to give your absolute best and obey Her every wish, command or whim, no questions asked. And no whining. Absolutely ZERO whining allowed. Fail, and you’ll be hit with the BANHAMMER, punished to never to lay eyes on Her again – unless you feed Her insatiable greed with your financially fucked wallet, and tribute your way back into Her graces.

Sexy brunette Mistress in white lingerie and sheer nylon stockings

Financial Domination is a lifestyle, your fun is funding Her fun, and Goddess loves to have so much fun! Expensive, high class, 5 stars fun! She describes it all so well in Her mind blowingly FUN captions.

Financial Mistress shopping spree slave public humiliation
Financial Domination Mistress ruins boys in nude sheer pantyhose
Nylon legs Tease and Denial Findom

Slaves with (consensual) Blackmail fantasies are in for a wild ride. Not only does the Goddess loves to play this game, She’s brilliant at it.

Blackmail Mistress exposes losers

Crawl over to Her personal website, your pathetic piece of hanging skin you like to call a dick will instantly start to twitch and leak at the impressive collection of exposed sluts featured for public humiliation.

Cuckolding and Chastity training are also among Her favorite BDSM practices, which is only natural for such an experienced keyholder. Put your stupid dick at Her mercy. That disgusting jizz-stick does nothing more than make you even more stupid and selfish. Don’t be a slave to your dick. Be a slave to a Goddess, and send Her the key. You need to be controlled by a mind and will more powerful and stronger than your own.

Forced bi slut training by hot brunette cuckold Femdomme

You know you can never escape your twisted needs and that they will always set you apart from what is normal. I am here to tell you to give up even trying. Recognize your sick and pathetic nature and give yourself over in submission to me. Provided you can make your tribute!

Mistress makes Her chastity slaves suck Her huge strap-on before She fucks them

There is true poetry in the vision of a gorgeous busty brunette Dominatrix, wearing the key to your cock cage around Her neck. Admit it!

Moneymistress drains paypigs in deadly fully fashioned stockings and high heels

You may succeed in hiding your shame from your family and your workmates. You may try to hide your filthy desires from yourself. But every night, lying awake in bed, you can’t hide from what you really are.

Get wrapped around SIRENNA4FUN’s finger and seduced into slavery YESTERYEAR here. NOW!

Hypnodomme MistressDelia will brainwash you into load blowing submission

Hypnodomme MistressDelia will brainwash you into load blowing submission

Leather Femdom luxury car Mistress

MistressDelia is a cruel young Mistress who specializes in erotic Femdom Hypnosis and money slave brainwashing. She loves nothing more than to mind control Her servants until their mushy brains react to nothing other than Her suggestions and commands.
Once you melt into submission, guided by  MistressDelia’s powerful and bewitching voice, She’ll endlessly play with your weak, slutty little male brain, until you shoot your cerebral fluids straight out of your pathetic slave cock.

Leather Mistress leg fetish shoe worship

Pure submission, surrender and complete addiction to trance is what awaits you, and if the first surrender is sweet, then complete abandonment is the most satisfying.
You may become mindless, senseless and completely turned into a robot by this skilled hypnodomme. She will gladly use your hypnofetish against you, and before you know it you’ll be reprogrammed into a cash zombie human ATM, a brainless moneyslave, a walking wallet paypig.

Latex Goddess in sexy high heels

Be controlled and manipulated by Her beauty, be hypnotized, mesmerized and enchanted by this mysterious and seductive Goddess.

Over the knee latex boots Femdom

Her Domination Fetish interests include:

BDSM , Bondage, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Sissyfication, Leather, Fur, Gas Masks, PVC, Scratching with long nails, Pain games, Pet play, Financial Domination, Verbal Humiliation, Foot fetish, High heels and boot fetish, Spitting games, Femdom erotic Hypnosis, JOI, CEI, SPH, CBT, Orgasm denial, Orgasm control, Edging, T&D, Mindfuck games, Strap-on play, Giantess Fetish, Sunglasses, Fishnets, Chastity training, Nylons, Face sitting, Smoking Fetish, Lipstick Fetish, Consensual Blackmail games.

As you will find out once you visit Her BDSM porn video chat room – the list goes on and on.

Leather fetish Femdom Mistress

Come inside and be placed into an obedient trance by this amazing Hypnodomme. Load blowing hardcore humiliation for small dick losers is also on the table!

Strong addictive Goddess Shezel si looking for obedient slaves to worship Her perfection

Strong addictive Goddess Shezel si looking for obedient slaves to worship Her perfection

Busty blonde Mistress Latex Femdom

Enter the mind blowing Queendom of Shezel, the most intoxicating seductive siren you could ever dream to serve.

Strong, devious and addictive, Shezel is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. She simply oozes sex appeal and high class.

To Her, Fashion is more than a passion, Shezel is an international Fetish, Glamour and Pin-up model, and you will discover Her flawless sense of style as soon as you enter Her live fetish sex chatroom. This hot blonde Dominatrix welcomes Her submissive male servants to worship Her incredibly sexy body, wearing the most luxurious clothing and seductive lingerie. Shezel doesn’t simply move – She floats and towers above you. Her sensual curves can bring the strongest of men to their knees.

Glamour femdom Goddess in sexy lingerie and high heels knows all your sissy slut secrets

One of Her greatest pleasures is precisely this: owning and controlling the strong type of men who spend all day being the boss. Just cross Her path once, and you’ll be ensnared and enslaved for life.

CFNM Tease and Denial equal male devotion

She can be your kinky, playful cyber girlfriend, with rough bondage sex fantasies dancing through Her magnificent head. The most devious erotic hypnosis and mind control mastermind. The ruthless Financial Domination money Mistress who drained you into sweet bankruptcy for the love of expensive presents and hefty tributes. She can be anything and everything. Shezel is love, Shezel is life.

Pin up Domination Vintage Femdom

A well educated, intelligent and very classy Lady extends to you an invitation to experience breath-taking elegance & unbelievable sensations. Very spontaneous, open-minded and always looking for new experiences, I’d like to fulfill your fantasies and have new adventures with you.

I am here to enchant you during our session and you will not forget our evening together – it will be a highlight in your life.

Specializing in:

Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Exhibition, Kissing, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Masturbation, Nipple play, Outfits, Toys, Rimming, Role playing, Sadomasochism (S&M), Sissy slut training, Slaves, Smoking, Spanking, Squirting, Strap-ons, Submission, Strip-tease, Blindfold, Blow jobs, Clamps and clips, Discipline, Domination, Feminization, Fishnets, Fitness, Fur, Gags, Glasses, Gloves, Handcuffs, Hands, Heels, Humiliation, Make up, Masks, Master/slave, Medical play, Mistress/slave, Muscles, Nylons, Orgasm Denial, Panties, Pigtails, Pony play, PVC, Teasing, Whips, and many more Fetishes and BDSM practices. Gentlemen, submissive, weak guys and money slaves are preferable. Hypnosis sessions, TeamViewer fetish.

Grab your dick and click! It’s time you learned that pleasing Shezel is your only duty!

Can you see that big fuck you in MissCataleya’s smile?

Can you see that big fuck you in MissCataleya’s smile?

Miss Cataleya
I could walk out the door right now and end your fantasy, or it could just be the beginning!

Miss Cataleya‘s live Femdom chatroom is always packed with humiliating surprises, because you never know what will Her twisted Goddess mind have in store for you next.
Will She humiliate and degrade you for Her pleasure? Will She force you into a pretty frilly sissy dress and have you twirl in circles and dance around for Her amusement?

Miss Cataleya is an extraordinary Findomme, taking particular delight in mixing it up with TeamViewer torment and consensual Blackmail Fetish, Her absolute favorites!
As a servant of Miss Cataleya‘s, you will also be trained and reprogrammed through Brainwashing, Mind control, and long conversations about Her Perfect Self, the pathetic you, and your miserable life!

What makes Her a perfect Mistress? HUGE egocentricity, a laser focus on obedience and exclusive devotion, a clear sense of whether a man can be useful or entertaining to Her, a supreme indifference toward men, coupled with Her Female Supremacist conviction of Her superiority, and last but not least, living and breathing the Femdom lifestyle.

Visit Miss Cataleya’s Chatroom right now!