Hypnodomme MistressDelia will brainwash you into load blowing submission

Leather Femdom luxury car Mistress

MistressDelia is a cruel young Mistress who specializes in erotic Femdom Hypnosis and money slave brainwashing. She loves nothing more than to mind control Her servants until their mushy brains react to nothing other than Her suggestions and commands.
Once you melt into submission, guided by  MistressDelia’s powerful and bewitching voice, She’ll endlessly play with your weak, slutty little male brain, until you shoot your cerebral fluids straight out of your pathetic slave cock.

Leather Mistress leg fetish shoe worship

Pure submission, surrender and complete addiction to trance is what awaits you, and if the first surrender is sweet, then complete abandonment is the most satisfying.
You may become mindless, senseless and completely turned into a robot by this skilled hypnodomme. She will gladly use your hypnofetish against you, and before you know it you’ll be reprogrammed into a cash zombie human ATM, a brainless moneyslave, a walking wallet paypig.

Latex Goddess in sexy high heels

Be controlled and manipulated by Her beauty, be hypnotized, mesmerized and enchanted by this mysterious and seductive Goddess.

Over the knee latex boots Femdom

Her Domination Fetish interests include:

BDSM , Bondage, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Sissyfication, Leather, Fur, Gas Masks, PVC, Scratching with long nails, Pain games, Pet play, Financial Domination, Verbal Humiliation, Foot fetish, High heels and boot fetish, Spitting games, Femdom erotic Hypnosis, JOI, CEI, SPH, CBT, Orgasm denial, Orgasm control, Edging, T&D, Mindfuck games, Strap-on play, Giantess Fetish, Sunglasses, Fishnets, Chastity training, Nylons, Face sitting, Smoking Fetish, Lipstick Fetish, Consensual Blackmail games.

As you will find out once you visit Her BDSM porn video chat room – the list goes on and on.

Leather fetish Femdom Mistress

Come inside and be placed into an obedient trance by this amazing Hypnodomme. Load blowing hardcore humiliation for small dick losers is also on the table!

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  1. slave caged desperately needs to be hypnotized to become a better slave.


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