Miss Waltrude – Perfection Personified returns

Waltrudian sacred Mindfuckery is mightier than ever, and SHEgod’s deep understanding of your most shameful secrets and fantasies will have you wrapped around Her pinkie quicker than you can say FINDOM!

The DeLuxeKinky latex Femdom experience

Resistance is futile, your deepest weaknesses will be revealed and used against you in so many kinky ways, and since you surely have a lust for latex, leather and high heels, be prepared to fall into a deep, spending trance!

Brunette Femdom MissAlexya mindfucks submissive boys

More than being a spectacular pro Domme and vast BDSM lifestyle connoisseur, Mistress Alexya is a natural Dominant and playful fetishist. Any slave who has the honor of serving Her always comes back for more, agreeing She’s the whole package and then some.