Miss Waltrude – Perfection Personified returns

Pinch your nipples piglets, you are not dreaming! After years of silence, MissWaltrude is back to purify your vile minds and souls once more, ON A REGULAR BASIS!

Waltrudian sacred Mindfuckery is mightier than ever, and SHEgod’s deep understanding of your most shameful secrets and fantasies will have you wrapped around Her pinkie quicker than you can say FINDOM!

Princess graces her lowly subjects with a fabulous set of pictures guaranteed to hypnotize even the strong willed into a spiraling, deep spending trance.

All of your Pantyhose Fetish prayers have been answered, the legendary legs that drained thousands of slaves, all dressed up in nylons, will haunt you for days!

Free task: download and print the one that makes you weak in the knees, stupid in the head and swollen in your sissy panties. Make an altar in your home – get creative! Take a picture of it and Contact Princess for further instructions!

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