TeamViewer Cyber Slave Training Program by Miss Waltrude

MissWaltrude Teamviewer Cyberslave training
Miss Waltrude’s Teamviewer Cyberslave Training Program

Enroll now, because you know you have absolutely no choice!

Strict education and behavioral modification can’t lead to the desired results, without Homework and Assignments. They also help defining and reshaping one’s best personality traits, and Good Goddess, you could really use some of that.

The Homework Tasks that I custom tailor for each of you, deranged dolts, are meant to manipulate your subconscious, in order to mechanically train patience through repetitive actions.

Everyone knows you’re getting a disgusting stiffy out of this, and you love it.

There are truly useful things to be revealed to you, then there’s the prospect of skills that can help you MAKE MORE MONEY, why else would I, or any other TeamViewer savvy Cybermistress waste so much creative and intellectual energy on you.

Speaking of TeamViewer, it’s such a trend lately. But guess what, it’s SOOOO 2009!

I do use it of course, so you… TmVr weaklings, can go ahead and SQUEEEE for joy – however, the best little pieces of software that I love to toy with, because I really enjoy writing personalized scripts based on each individual’s deepest weaknesses and darkest interests, and creating new kinds of long distance control tools that are IMPOSSIBLE TO CHEAT, are of a different kind.

For example, FondOfWriting is My absolute favorite when it comes to Writing Lines slave Tasks; you don’t imagine I would count how many lines you wrote, read the same sentence repeatedly, for at least 100 times, or stare at your screen through TmVr, to make sure you don’t just copy and paste your lines, like a lazy loser.

This little program will do it all for Me, and generate a report that you can’t modify, plus, I can set complication parameters for distracting dialogues to pop up at random times. I can use this in ways that can bring a pig to tears! Ha ha.

My Tech-Tease Geek Princess arsenal is full of such toys, and I’m not afraid to use them!

These little cyber-wonders surely make any slave who’s been admitted into My Training Program, truly FEEL My presence in a very realistic manner, and the best choice of software is to be discussed privately.

I provide the installation archives and proof for all executables being clean, along with basic use instructions, as soon as all aspects have been discussed, and the first Tribute covered.

The real Magic though, will only happen for those who PAY. What happens behind the scenes of the Cyber Queendom shall remain shrouded in mystery for the public eye!

CamContacts: misswaltrude

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  1. Rouche says:

    Pour une complicité longue un control total hummmmm


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