When you want me to stop I’ll keep going, when you want more I’ll make you beg for it!


You think you can handle me? You are wrong. You think you can experience the normal life after I get in your mind? Again you are wrong….But I love to be challenged…so im here for you

You know what drives you to the powerful and mesmerizing DaemonGoddess. It is the fact that She is the real thing and She is doing this because it pleases Her in so many ways. Her pure desire to see you humiliate yourself, to make you dress in the softest, frilliest panties, snap pictures and present them to Her as proof of your servitude.

You cannot imagine you will be one day picking out that shade of lipstick She requested, walking carefully through the mall, hoping no one can see the outline of your sissy panties under your “real boy pants”. You cannot imagine that you will be kneeling, looking nervously at the head of a nine inch jelly dildo before wrapping your lips around it and slowly starting the process of learning to deep throat it all, in Her name.

There are so many degrading things you cannot imagine, but She can imagine it all, and will it into existence. All those kinky, humiliating fantasies will manifest themselves and come to life, because your Femdom Goddess wants to. Because it is Her way to bring you out, destroy and then remake you, so that you can truly change your life, and be reprogrammed and transformed into a BETTER you. A submissive devoted obedient you.

Award winning Fetish model and Femdom enthusiast, Dominatrix DaemonGoddess specializes in Bondage & discipline, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Nails, Outfits, Toys, Role playing, Sadomasochism (S&M), Smoking, Financial Domination.

Now’s the right time for you to give up control and serve!

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