TheCountess – Simple fact of life: I deserve everything that you have and you deserve nothing!

TheCountess truly is a vision of royalty, and Her aura is absolutely powerful and unique. A simple quick glance at Her Femdom Majesty’s pictures (taken during live chat slave training sessions), and you’ll immediately understand that you’ll never be able to resist such exotic, high class temptation.

TheCountess #Leather #Dominatrix

Taking particular delight in CBT, feminization, sissy slut training, humiliation, verbal and physical abuse, foot fetish ,anal training and strap-on play (for sissy sluts but not only!), sensation play, body worship, chastity training and lots more, which you can check by reading Her profile, this cruel and greedy sadist will bring you to your knees, drain you of all of your power and, wait for it… ALL OF YOUR CASH!

TheCountess #LegWorship #FootFetish #ShoeDangling

Do not make Me wait. I am here to collect money, specifically your money! Don’t get it twisted: I don’t NEED your cash, I DESERVE it! What the fuck are you going to spend it on? You have no life, your life will be spent in My service!

TheCountess #NylonLegs #LegWorship #FootFetish #HeelsFetish

If you think you’re slave enough to embark on a long and tormenting journey into total servitude, TheCountess is ready to crush you under Her expensive designer heels, like the fucking worm you are!

Don’t expect anything in return, other than the joy of being bossed around, given commands and demands that She expects you to obey religiously, or simply be completely ignored while She watches your cash fly into Her account until you’ll end up living on allowance! Your only job is to please your Mistress, so PAY UP or forever be tossed away like a disposable piece of junk!


If you have been a big fat suck-ass pussy thus far, and therefore haven’t entered Her Live Chatroom already, this picture will definitely make you fish for your credit card and worship this Goddess the way you truly crave to!

Submit! Click and Leak!

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