SexyBitchRita knows you are a pathetic loser who will never satisfy a real woman without his paypig wallet

There are many slaves who made big sacrifices just to please Miss Rita, and Her Financial Domination fetish, but it takes a lot to get Her attention. Slaves, stay truly devoted and dedicated to please your Divine Dominant and to ensure She remains happy and content with your live findom performace.

Oh my, you are trembling… Peek behind the curtain to learn a little more about this Female Domination enigma that is your doom and salvation.

Describing Her favorite BDSM interests for live femdom sessions, Miss Rita says:

I use desire and fear in order to manipulate YOU!
CUCKOLD: Once a Mistress cuckolds her man, the relationship is forever altered. Welcome to the rest of your life!
UNDERFOOT: This is exactly where you belong…UNDERFOOT!
Be completely dominated FINANCIALLY as I effectively review your budget, avoiding your wasteful spending and allocating your cash properly.
I care about you… with the purpose of what you can do for me. It’s not merely cruelty. It’s evolutionary efficiency!

Step into Miss Rita’s Female Domination Queendom and have a humiliatingly fun Live Findom Chat!

CamContacts: sexybitchrita

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