No cure for Foot Fetish Fever

Such an interesting item, a shoe… Isn’t it, boys?

A strong, perfectly shaped stiletto heel. Fragile, yet perfectly balanced. Delicate, yet so powerful. Quite THE weapon. Thoroughly polished leather, reflecting all the surroundings like a dark, luscious fantasy mirror. The smell of it, only makes you want to sink deeper in what’s in front, and inside of you. How could you not, I mean, how could you NOT love a shoe?!

However, some of the adorers, addicts and worshipers of Dominant Ladies’ Perfect Footsies, seem to find it extremely difficult to submerge beyond the essential object – the shoe – and grasp the symbolism behind it.

These are not really the truly devoted submissive minions, the real slaves, who literally take pleasure and feel accomplished, warm and fuzzy inside, simply by making their Princess happy.

The shoe licking, heel sucking footsie piggy we are now talking about, is more of a selfish fetishist at heart. One who might often act non-submissive, or who will claim to simply have a thing for shoes because they look sexy on a Woman’s feet, and not because of submissive tendencies.  More than half of these unfortunate, deluded little creatures, will go as far as consider their interest to be an illness. Sorry to disappoint you boys, but this is not a paraphilia.😆

Since you, sock-sniffers, seem to completely lose your minds when your pig snots get close enough to perfect, pretty Goddess feet, let’s find out  how your little “illness” works.

Technically, in your submissive minds, the shoe is the equivalent of foreplay.

The true, real object of this fetish, is the foot. A shoe fetishist is, in reality, interested in the foot.

Moreover – not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure it out – let’s expose another characteristic of you, submissive finks with a foot fixation: y’all are very shy, insecure, weak little manlettes, who find it really tough if not impossible to  properly maintain a sincere, open “vanilla” relationship on an intimate level.

That’s why you choose to project your desires upon the closest-to-the-foot, non-living objects, instead. Shoes, stockings, pantyhose, socks. Soft, silky, smooth, barely-there, skin-scented, and… “Hers”.

Oh, pretty sure you were wondering: I’m wearing some of My absolutely fabulous fitness fluffy socks while writing this. The view would make you so so so weak in the knees, and make you piggies squeal, especially since this particular pair is PINK!

Oh, and I just had My perfect toenails spoiled and  painted in raspberry pink today… curls Her toes inside the fluffy socks

I find the contrast they make with My light skin tone… to die and give up all of your CASH for!