Indulge your ultimate seductive Femdom fantasy with Mistress Helen

Mistress Helen is a very experienced Dominatrix, who has been successfully destroying submissive manhoods and wallets around the web for quite some time, causing addiction and severe adoration among Her loyal slaves.

Sensual Femdom Tease and Denial

Her approach is individual to each case and none of Her sessions are scripted. Each submissive servant of Mistress Helen experiences a unique, custom tailored BDSM experience created by the Goddess, based on his personal fetishes, weaknesses, but most of all his honest confessions. She is that Superior Woman who loves to know Her slaves closer, having a genuine interest towards what drives them, what makes them tick, what their fantasies and submissive life aspirations are – pretty much like your savvy kink advisor… with a twist! wink wink

Goddess loves everything being under Her control, and knows how to manipulate and toy with Her weakened minions’ minds in order to strip them of the last bit of willpower they have left. It’s not a matter of whether you want to resist or not – She knows how to tease (and most likely deny) you, what pressure points to dig Her perfectly manicured claws into, for your wildest fantasies and most shameful secrets to come right out, willingly.

Louboutin Fetish because you love cleaning those exquisite red soles

Mistress Helen loves to have Her supermodel body wrapped in expensive, luxurious designer clothes – Attention online shopping paypigs! – Her alluring, long sexy legs in the finest killer nylons, and to top it all off and make it impossible for you to resist Her succubus seductress charms, Mistress Helen always wears heels that cost more than what some of her paypigs make in a month, with heels bigger than their dicks. It’s all about couture and high class with this Femdom diva, from whom you won’t be able to stay away no matter what your weakness is.

Getting into your mind and twisting it as She sees fit will only keep you coming back craving for more.

She can be extremely cruel, but always within your limits and boundaries. You will feel thorns through velvet gloves and enjoy every moment. She strongly believes a Mistress’s relationship with a slave should build on mutual respect understanding and trust, which is why She enjoys good quality conversations and sharing of experiences.

Helen is accepting most common kinks and fetishes, just go visit her right now and you will discover that complete Mistress you have been looking for!

You will find Her online primarily on CamContacts – FinDom heaven, where you may beg Her to drain your balls and wallet at up to $21/min if you’re an adventurous paypig.

Visit Mistress Helen’s personal website and goon over Her perfection AFTER you tribute!



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